ABA Soars with the Eagles in Dubuque

Sunday, June 23 – Friday, June 29, 2019

Hotel Julien-Dubuque, 200 Main Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001

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Since 1839, it has been a hotel or inn. The original structure, four stories high, was called the Waples House and was named after its owner, Peter Waples, a wealthy Dubuque merchant. It was the first building visible to the travelers entering Dubuque from across the Mississippi. The Waples House was furnished extravagantly and was known far and wide for its gourmet cuisine. Travelers first sight as they crossed the Mississippi River into Dubuque was the Hotel Julien. This old “Julien Hotel” survived a fire, hosted famous guests such as Abraham Lincoln, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Mark Twain, gained notoriety thanks to Al Capone, and was ultimately purchased by the current ownership in 1962.

Now 170 years later, after a $33 million interior renovation and exterior restoration, Hotel Julien Dubuque has redefined elegance through the blending of its rich history with modern luxury and style.

The hotel offers the following amenities:

  • Boutique and modern amenities
  • On-site dining at Caroline’s Restaurant and room service
  • On-site, full-service Potosa Spa
  • Indoor pool and whirlpool
  • Fitness Center
  • On-site Riverboat Lounge
  • Complimentary wireless Internet
  • Complimentary parking behind the hotel
  • FREE shuttle from the airport
  • Beautifully decorated rooms

Convention Registration:  $180   (First-Timer Registration:  $125)

  • Includes two lunches, two dinners

Convention Room Rates

  • King or Double Queen Size beds – $129 (two/room)
  • $15/person for additional individuals
  • Room rate includes breakfast entrée and drink from Caroline’s Restaurant
  • hoteljuliendubuque.com/

Airport Transportation BOOK EARLY

American Airlines has feeder flights through Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to Dubuque (DBQ). Seats are limited so attendees are advised to make early reservations. Only two flights arrive/depart on a daily basis with 36 seats with no additional cost. (There are a few more for a premium)

There are three flights to/from Dubuque on Sunday – Friday
     but only two flights to/from Dubuque on Saturday.


Tour 1: Monday – June 24, 2019 — 8:45 – 4:45 pm

Two Options:

  • House on the Rock ($55)

    • On this tour the full complex is open to your self-guided experience. You will explore:
    • The unique design of the original house perched on a chimney of rock; the Infinity Room extending an unsupported length of 218 feet and soaring 156 feet above the valley floor; an enormous sea creature longer than the Statue of Liberty; the Streets of Yesterday, inviting you to make a nostalgic stroll down a 19th century street; a Japanese garden, including 14 foot quadruple waterfalls cascading into a garden pond.
    • www.thehouseontherock.com/

Tour 1a – The House on the Rock ($55)

Section 1 includes:
Original House – perched on a 60-foot chimney of rock, with Infinity Room 218 feet out over the scenic valley.
Alex Jordan Center – story of the man who created it all.
Gate House – entryway to the main house.
Asian Garden – Asian hillside and pond garden.

Section 2 includes:
Mill House – some of the many special collections.
Streets of Yesterday – recreation of a 19th century street.
Heritage of the Sea – 200’ long sea creature & model ships.
Tribute to Nostalgia – vintage automobiles and transport.
Atrium Restaurant – pizza, sandwiches and snacks.
Music of Yesterday – automated music machines.
Spirit of Aviation – aviation displays and model airplanes.
Carousel Room – carousel w/269 animals, 182 chandeliers.

Section 3 includes:
Organ Room – organs, drums, cannons, spiral staircases.
Inspiration Point – awe-inspiring view of the Infinity Room.
Doll House Room – handcrafted and furnished dollhouses.
Circus Room – circus displays and an automated orchestra.
Galleries – collections of armor, firearms, jewels and more.
Doll Carousel Building – two towering doll carousels.
Japanese Garden – “stroll style” with a 14-foot waterfall.

Due to architectural design, a small portion of The House on the Rock complex is not accessible by motorized scooters, wheelchairs or strollers.  Other areas have uneven surfaces and ramps that may be difficult to maneuver.  The House on the Rock is a walking experience that encompasses many ramps, varied surfaces and outdoor areas. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for these conditions.

  • Taliesin—Frank Lloyd Wright Estate ($70, incl. lunch)

    • Wright’s style was known as the Prairie school, which strove for an “organic architecture” in designs for homes and commercial buildings. Over his career, he created numerous iconic buildings. With seemingly superhuman energy and persistence, Wright designed more than 1,100 buildings during his lifetime, nearly one-third of which came during his last decade. Taliesin is one of those buildings and was his favorite. This was the home he would always come back to and where his wife and children lived until their deaths. He died in 1959 and is buried on this site. This is a historical site and has steps with no hand railings.
    • www.taliesinpreservation.org/

Tour 1b – Taliesin ($70, including lunch)
(Frank Lloyd Wright Estate)

Hillside Studio & Theatre (1-hour morning tour)
Frank Lloyd Wright designed Hillside in 1902 for his aunts, who ran an innovative children’s boarding school based on the motto “learn by doing.”  After they retired, Wright expanded the building to accommodate a group of architects and designers that continue to work at Hillside.

Taliesin House (2-hour afternoon tour)
Among the most famous residences in the United States, Taliesin embodies Wright’s energy, technique, and creative vision. The house stands as the longest on-going project of Wright’s career.  From the Taliesin courtyards and gardens, you are afforded a commanding view of the beautiful valley settled by Frank Lloyd Wright’s ancestors. The interior portion of the tour explores Taliesin’s famed living room, the garden room, loggia, bedroom, and studio.

These tours are NOT wheelchair accessible.  Folding walkers can be taken on the shuttle bus.  Normally the tours require a significant amount of standing, stair climbing (some with no handrails), and walking on uneven terrain and grass or gravel pathways.  You must stay with the group.  There are no restrooms available on the guided tours.  All participants must be 10 years or older.

Tour 2—Tuesday, June 25—Bus Tour of local Dubuque, 9:30-11:00 am, ($20)

  • Narrated tour will consist of the sites around Dubuque, including Fenelon Place Elevator, “world’s shortest, steepest scenic railway, 296 feet;” Eagle Point Park where you have a view of the Mississippi River and a view of three states; historic downtown, the Mississippi River, etc.

Tuesday Evening – Welcome – 6:30pm-8:30pm

A little change this year. On Tuesday evening, which is usually the Welcome Ceremony, we will be transported to St. Luke’s Methodist Church. Bus transportation will be provided from the hotel to the church and return.

The church has an 11-bell chime. ABA member Carl Zimmerman from Missouri is also a carillonist and chimer. The church has welcomed Carl to play their chime for our members.

The church historian will provide the history of the church, and you will have an opportunity to wander throughout the church. Members may go up the narrow steps to the upper chamber to see the chimes being played by Carl if they wish.

As their church grew through several smaller churches, this church was dedicated in May 1897. The church is in Romanesque style and is characterized by thick walls, heavy columns, and round arches. “It was not a matter of pride, but of principle that a place of worship ought to not only be substantial, but attractive and beautiful as the builders could make it.” The church windows were all made by Tiffany. Wood was used throughout the church to enhance its beauty. See website: stlukesumcdbq.com

The chime in St. Luke’s tower was dedicated in 1913. There are 11 bells in the chime, making it possible to play an unlimited number of tunes that are in the key of G, key of D, or in the key of A. The bells each weigh between 575 and 3,050 pounds for a total weight of approximately 15,000 pounds. They are suspended in a square frame, each hanging stationary. The bells are rung from a chimestand which is placed in a room in the tower below the belfry as shown below. The hammers of the bells are connected to levers of the console by a series of rods, chains, and leather belts. Pushing down on the lever activates the clapper which strikes the bell on the inside. Members may wish to go up the narrow steps into the tower to see Carl play. This is a rare opportunity for all of our ABA members.

Tour 3—Wednesday, June 26—Sunset Dinner Cruise, American Lady Cruise Boat, 7:30-9:30 pm ($45)

More Things to See and Do in/near Dubuque

There are many other sites to see in/near Dubuque from the hotel by hotel shuttle or driving distance:

      • National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium (in association with the Smithsonian Institution)
      • www.rivermuseum.com (within walking distance)
      • Galena, Illinois
        • (30 minutes) from Dubuque; shopping and a few antique shops; also the home of U.S. Grant.
      • Mineral Point, Wisconsin — (40 minutes)
      • Mineral Point Railroad Museum
        • The Mineral Point depot built in 1856 from local materials and survived to become the oldest depot in Wisconsin.
      • Pendarvis tells the story of the Cornish miners who settled in the late 1800s.
    • Brewery Pottery — A working pottery studio and gallery in an 1850s limestone brewery building.
    • Spring Green, Wisconsin (about an hour drive)
    • Taliesin — Frank Lloyd Wright house (see Tour 1)
  • Wilson Creek Pottery —   A working pottery studio and gallery in an 1850s limestone brewery building.
  • New Glarus, Wisconsin — (1 hour 20 minutes)
  • New Glarus Brewery — employee-owned brewery w self-guided tour (brand is only sold in Wisconsin).
  • Monroe, Wisconsin, Alp & Dell Cheese Making.
    • On the way to Dubuque from New Glarus. (1 1/4 hours from Dubuque (near New Glarus).

2019 ABA Convention Bronze Eagle Bell

Created by Wally Shoop

 Shoop’s American Bronze Casting Ltd. located in Osceola, Wisconsin, is the creator of the ABA 2019 bronze bell. The bronze foundry is one of only a few artist-owned foundries left in America. Wally Shoop started the company in 1970 and began by making custom bronze statues for recognition awards. While trophies and award plaques remain a large part of their business as a full-service foundry, they also carry many specialty bronze items like bronze eagles, Remington bronze statues, architectural accents, and custom art casting for artists and the architectural industry.

Owner and artist Wally Shoop has created well over 1,000 wildlife, memorial, and bronze art sculptures. Shoop’s realistic bronze art is produced with the intent of capturing human feelings within natural forms. His on-site studio is a place where creativity and the human spirit meet.

Using the lost-wax process of bronze casting, Shoop first sculpted the ABA eagle in soft wax; then made a rubber mold of the wax model. From the rubber mold, he created multiple wax impressions of the original. Each wax impression is encased in a ceramic shell and placed in an oven with temperatures exceeding 1,500  degrees; the wax melts rapidly. The ceramic shell is packed in sand and molten bronze is poured into the shell. When the bronze cools, the ceramic shell is broken. The bronze casting is then finished with meticulous handwork to capture and enhance the detail.

True to form for many artists, you may find 20 to 30 works in process upon entering his studio. It is the creative process at its best. All of Shoop’s American Bronze Casting pieces are handmade in America.

ABA chose the eagle for the convention bell because of eagle prominence in the Dubuque area. The price of the bell is $55, plus postage if mailed. The clapper is made of zinc which provides a beautiful sound. The bell is 7″ in height. Go to www.bronzes.com for more information and gallery of Shoop creations.

Supply of this beautiful bell is limited so get your registration order in early.